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When I designed my logo, my main focus was to split the forest and the sea with the text. I did this intentionally as a representation of the divide between Prospero’s former life out beyond the sea when he was the Duke of Milan, and his present life on the island. The Tempest is centered on the collide of his two worlds and so I wanted to represent the original separation in the logo as it carries great importance to the plot. I chose to make the T bright orange and to give the logo illustrations a plush look as a way to mirror the family friendly environment of the Nashville production. My original idea was to use photos with a low opacity as the buttons. However, I felt that there were not pictures specific enough to each category in the drop box. I am personally drawn to simplistic designs, and with that being said I did not want to overwhelm the page and put random photos from the production in as buttons if their content was not purposeful. However, not having any photos made the page seem a bit too childlike with the logo that I made and so I included the headlining photo. This will enable recognition with the audience as the photo was consistently used in posters and advertisements for the show. As mentioned, I wanted to keep the design simplistic for viewers of all ages to browse with ease and so I used color contrast as a way to draw simple attention. The alignment and repetition of my buttons and all other elements was used to create a clean-cut look. In addition, I took the trees I used in the logo and used them as a corner border for the page in order to instill the theme and create a uniformed look with more repetition.

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